A Study On An Unknown Species Of Bacteria Along With Learning Techniques

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The goal of this experiment was to identify as well as learn about an unknown species of bacteria along with learning some techniques when it comes to process of elimination in a scientific study. To do this, many different tests were completed to help rule out species that were provided on a sheet of paper listing the possible candidates for the unknown microbe. The Bergey’s Manual of Determinative Bacteriology flow chart was also used to narrow down choices as tests were completed, along with a flowsheet of gram positive and negative microbes provided in Microbiology Class. To begin the process of identifying unknown microbe #7, two isolation streaks of the mystery microbe were made in order to determine whether the microbe likes to grow at 30˚C or 37˚C. It was discovered that the microbe likes to grow more at 37˚C. Next, an observation under the microscope as well as a gram stain were conducted. These tests were conducted in order to identify and understand the shape of the microbe and if it was gram positive or negative. It was concluded that the microbe was gram positive, because the gram stain appeared purple versus pink for gram negative as well as rod shaped. With this information, all gram negative microbes could be eliminated. What was left was a list of gram positive microbes. Families Staphylococcaceae, Enterococcaceae, Streptococcacaeae, and Micrococcineae could also be eliminated from the list of gram positive microbes because all of these families…

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