A Study On An Eight Year Old African American Female Essay

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The student whom I am preforming my Case study on is an eight year old African American female. The student is in the third grade and has been diagnosed with a learning disability. The female cannot function on the same level as her peers, but she does not have a physical handicap condition. The family background of the student includes learning disability conditions. The child has three older siblings that were a part of the Special Education program as well. The mother and father of the child are not together. However, they co-parent in order to care for their child properly. The child is from a lower class family that work minimum wage jobs. The mother is currently enrolled in college obtaining a GED. Usually, the child is shifted from parent to parent during the week in order for the mom to attend school. The father did not complete high school. The child has a no serious medical conditions, but she does suffer from speech problems and has to go to Speech classes twice a week. The student loves to listen to music during her spare time. The favorite genre of music for this student is Hip-Hop. When allowed, the female student goes outside and rides her bike in the local neighborhood.

The school that the student attends is in a rural area. The school was established in late 1940’s. It was originally a high school. The location is in a very small town where majority of the people are related. The school is a Title 1 school, and there are not many teachers…

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