A Study On A Registered Nurse Essay

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A registered nurse is a nurse who has graduated from a college 's nursing program or from a school of nursing and has passed a national licensing exam. That is the dictionary definition of what they do. Nurses are people who care for others to make a living and to provide for their own family. They work three 12-hour shifts or five eight-hour shifts throughout their seven day week, they usually also work weekends and most times holidays as well. Registered nurses, on average, make $68,910 a year (Registered Nurse: salary). In recent years the influx of students going into the nursing field has slowly dwindled down considerably, one of the reasons being that most of the nurses feel underpaid and overworked.
When graduating high school most graduates, those who will decide to continue with their schooling, look for a major that will take minimum schooling and give them a higher pay wage, while at the same time trying to do something that they enjoy doing. Nursing usually takes two years for an associate’s degree and four for a bachelor’s degree. “For decades, RNs have been prepared via three main pathways; a 2-year associate’s degree program, a 3- year hospital-based diploma program, and a 4-year baccalaureate program leading to a bachelor’s degree in nursing” (Auerbach, Buerhaus & Staiger 1 ). What holds back most of them is the starting pay. They received a starting pay of $45,630 and that is close to the median pay wage of an elementary school teacher (Registered Nurse:…

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