Essay on A Study On A Nucleic Acid

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A nucleic acid is a polymer that is made up of smaller units called nucleotides. These nucleotides play a significant role in creating important structures found in our body such as deoxyribonucleic acid, more commonly referred to as DNA, and ribonucleic acid or RNA. (Erster, Lecture 4 Chapter 5) Ribonucleic acid is then categorized into two types of RNA: mRNA and tRNA (there are other types but the ones mainly discussed in protein synthesis only involved these two). The DNA and RNA are partners that work together to make protein in protein synthesis. DNA is like the instruction manual to making the protein. The first step involves making the mRNA through a process called transcription. In transcription, a small portion of DNA is "copied" through coding to make the mRNA. Now entering the next stage of protein synthesis, the mRNA leaves the nucleus to go to ribosomes in the cytoplasm. In the process of translation, mRNA, tRNA, and the ribosome all work together to create the protein. The ribosomes hold the mRNA and allows the tRNA to come in with the amino acids (building blocks of protein) to match up with the corresponding mRNA codons (coding blocks) which finalizes the process of protein synthesis. (Campbell, 85-86)

CHOICE A: This statement that RNA functions in gene expression is correct. Gene expression by definition is involved with protein synthesis and RNA originates from DNA, and then along with ribosomes are able to transcribe and translate amino acids into…

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