Essay on A Study On A Health Affairs Issue

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Prior to attending the meeting, it is important to obtain information from the staff about their feelings, concerns, and opinions about the current 12 hours-shift. A 12 hours-shift could be beneficial for many, but in this case, patient satisfaction surveys and the increase in medication errors has demonstrated that quality and patient safety is at risk.
It is a fact that after a 12 hours-shift, the productivity and quality of patient care is compromised. A study published on a Health Affairs issue (Witkoski Stimpfel, Sloane, & Aiken, 2012), revealed that nurses shift length and outcomes has a negative relationship. The sample included 22, 275 registered nurses from 577 hospitals in different states. The likelihood of medication errors, nurse burnout, resignation, and patient dissatisfaction was greater with shifts longer than 8 hours.
Similarly, nurses who work 12-hour shifts experience significantly more chronic fatigue, anxiety, and emotional exhaustion, which lead to inattentiveness, dissociation, and negligence. Prior to attending the meeting, it is important to determine the causes that are influencing these negative outcomes. Which are the potential and current health issues experienced by the staff’s unit, as well as, the negative impact in the patient’s health and safety.
b. What other information would you gather about returning to 8-hour shifts prior to attending the meeting?
Prior to attending the meeting, it is essential to gather information about the…

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