A Study Of The Vietnam Veterans Essay example

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One of the most underrated, undervalued, and underappreciated groups in society today are veterans, and the matters of their contributions, capabilities, and reciprocity. At the last count, there were more or less fifty thousand homeless veterans in the United States today. A minor subsection of veterans, as a whole, is females. In general, the women of the military have a tendency to slide under the radar for much of their careers, and especially when it comes to things going awry, or circumstances that may make their situations much more difficult than they need to be. Women in the armed forces are subject to just as many dangers as their male counterparts, if not also more personally affective dangers as well. These can and do include sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape, and other crimes that occur skyrocketingly more often for women, and it does happen in the military much more often than what is in any report.

Literature Review In a study of post- Vietnam veterans, August and Gianola found that “[poverty], illiteracy, prolonged dependency on welfare, sociocultural change and isolation, language barrier, and loss of self-esteem are commonly cited as the contributing factors to their mental health problems” (August and Gianola, 821). This same research also found correlations of different behaviors in these veterans, describing how:
“Several behaviors which have been described as inordinately common among these veterans include low frustration tolerance,…

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