Essay on A Study Of Society And Group Behavior

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Sociology is the study of society and group behavior which can range from a group of two which is a dyad or a global society which is the entire world. Sociology is defined by empirical knowledge which is based on research and facts. Sociology is a science and uses the scientific method. Sociological findings are based on empirical, fact based findings vs. common sense, opinion based. A group sociologist might study would be the marriage of same sex couples in association with the republican and democratic party in favor of it like Johnson (June 17) stated. Sociologist might study this group by viewing a timeline in years, empirical fact based knowledge of society and how it has shifted its votes from not allowing it back in the day when same sex couples were not as seen in society like it is now in the future. Back then people were against same sex marriage because of their religion and how it was not that prominent like it is now with many people coming out of the closet and opening up to their families. Now same sex couples are closer to home than it was back then and now more people are in favor of same sex marriage with the knowledge they have now and being that they know of someone that is gay. According to C. Wright Mills sociology and the sociological imagination allows its professors to understand relationships between larger social factors and peoples personal lives. Take for example the OSU parking issue. More people are attending school, but why? That is because…

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