A Study Of Organized Crime Essay

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In the study of organized crime there has been much debate over definitions and theories in the pursuit of explaining gang related crime. One issue that has yet to be fully resolved is what the definitive definition of what a gang is. Another current argument is over which of the various competing positivist and constructionist perspectives in the field of sociology explains deviance. One theory that has emerged from the rest is Merton’s anomie-strain theory. Fortunately, there is one thing that is agreed upon, organized crime has shown that it knows no borders when it comes to expansion and is an international issue. A few examples that illustrate this fact are the Sicilian mafia and outlaw motorcycle gangs. However, individually none of these provide the complete and accurate picture of organized crime. Rather, it is the integration of theories, definitions, migration factors, and crime that show that gang development is nothing less than a complex matter. When it comes to providing a definition of organized crime there have been multiple definitions over the years. Most of the definitions have made the mistake of narrowly focusing on Italian-Americans and ignoring other criminal organizations (Britz & Grennan, 2006). Between 1912 and 1990 there were “14 different definitions of a gang” (Britz, et al., 2006, p. 1). Due to the definitions of gangs being ever changing and one dimensional, there has been an issue with law enforcement combating them. Another issue that this…

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