A Study At The University Of North Carolina Chapel Hill ( Unc )

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Student organization involvement proposed to positively correlate with academic performance and college satisfaction
Jorgo Lika
Discussion 304- Tuesday, 1:20
Psychology 530
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Introduction The college campus is an intimidating place for incoming freshmen, especially when attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison). UW-Madison has a large campus with an overwhelming amount of majors, buildings, faculty, and students. One key way students connect with one another is through similar interests and belief systems. This paper seeks to understand the role religion plays on a college student and his/her college experiences. I will specifically look at students a part of a religious student organization and the effects it has on their college life. This paper will pose the questions, does involvement in a religious student org correlate with better academic performance? Are students a part of religious organizations overall more satisfied with their college experience?

Literature Review A study at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (UNC), Dr. Margarita Mooney found many positive effects of religion. Using a survey, she found that even when controlling for “race/ethnicity, sex, family structure, family income, parents’ education, and high school achievement, religious attendance has a significant and positive influence on college GPA” (Mooney, 206). Specifically, people of the Jewish religion had significantly…

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