A Study About Insomnia And How Different Emotions Can Affect Your Sleep Cycle

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Topic & Rationale
Ralph E. Schmidt and Martial Van Der Linden conducted a study about insomnia and how different emotions can affect your sleep cycle. Insomnia is a prevalent issue amongst many nowadays. The National Sleep foundation found in a survey, that 59% of their respondents experienced insomnia that occurred every night or mostly every night (Schmidt and Van Der Linden 2013). Schmidt and Linden hypothesized that whenever one feels guilt, remorse, shame, or regret. That the previously listed emotions interferes with your sleep pattern and disrupts the amount of hours needed for the body to function. The body will be wracked with the inability to concentrate, memorize, and a myriad of health issues says Mai and Buysse (as stated in Schmidt and Van Der Linden 2013). While there have been efforts in the past to try to understand insomnia, the main factor that is consistent; that overthinking tends to impair sleep. However, Wood stated (as stated in Schmidt and Linden 2013) that positive thoughts can affect your sleep in a good way. But, it’s also important to not overdo those thoughts as really strong thoughts can also interrupt sleep.
When gathering data and evidence they surveyed a group of elderly that ranged from age 51 to age 98. In those surveys, thy found that there were multitude of elders feeling regret throughout the daytime. Despite the fact that there were multiple instances of them feeling regret, the instances were minimal at the least.…

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