A Student Worker For The President 's Office Essay

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Every Monday, the SGA President Jasmine Knox wakes up to have a small talk with God. Shortly after meditation, she begins to prepare herself for class. Knox is typically in class from 11:15-3:45 P.M. In between classes, Knox spends most of her time in the president’s office. She serves as a student worker for the newly elected President Ken Tucker. Around 4:00P.M., she drives to the Student Union Building and meets with her Executive Committee of SGA. Prior to the SGA meeting, Knox and her EC spend time discussing student events and concerns before the actual meeting at 5:00P.M. Once the SGA meeting ends, Knox goes back to her residence hall and spends time with her roommates. She uses this time to rest from her busy day.
Knox, 21, originally from Moundville, Alabama did not become ambitious overnight. Even in high school, she strived to be successful. She was determined to be a well-known face. While in high school, Knox participated in the SGA, Choir, National Honor Society, Junior Honor Society, and the Debate Team. With the support of God and her family, Knox has continued to strive for academic excellence, personal growth, and success at The University of West Alabama.
On a typical day, you can find Knox fulfilling her duties as SGA President, bettering the campus of UWA, working in the President’s office, or staying on top of her studies. According to Knox, her family truly sparked her ambition. Knox’s family is her source of strength and inspiration.
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