Essay on A Student And Being A Teacher

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Being both a student and being a teacher myself I observed the direct influence that is posed upon each role. I saw how teachers have a direct influence on me and how one teacher can make a major impact on a student’s life. With that being said, I knew I wanted to make a difference in the world and I believe that being a teacher will allow me to do so. Being a teacher is not an easy profession but yet it is the most rewarding profession in my opinion. There will be goals for myself and for my students. There will be a variety of different methods that will be used to aid learning and the experiences experienced at school. Assessments will be utilized to track student growth. With all things considered, I will have to constantly improve myself with the ever changing continuum of students in the classroom and in the schools.
My goals as a teacher ultimately is to have students value learning for themselves and want to learn an extensive amount for themselves. So that, they will look forward to coming to coming to a safe and nurturing classroom environment every day and not see it as just a routine or because they have to come. To make students value learning, I will design my lesson plans to make learning fun so that students’ will not be disinterested by school. Furthermore, I want to be able to know my students, not just as students but for the child they truly are so I can better educate them by knowing what their needs are. I aspire to help my students create a positive…

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