Essay on A Structured Way For Societies

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Memorials are a structured way for societies to externalize the internal affect an event has on the society and the individual. Memorials are a physical representation of a memory, which can be interpreted a number of different ways. We read these memorials in a similar way that we read people’s lives and bodies. These memorials take an event or person and display them symbolically on a global scale. This symbolic representation allows for each individual to decide how they will interpret it creatively and independently. They expose the truth about the creator and the era, and location in which they were erected. Memorials allow us to construct the memories we have, surrounding the events and people they represent. The place a monument resides will affect the power a memorial has, because that power is influenced by who “owns” those people or events that the monument commemorates.
Memorials are constructed to display the internal affect something has had on a population. They are erected to symbolize something important and to allow future generations to remember the event long after it occurs. This allows history to live on forever and influence future decisions and events. As Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela and Chris N van der Merwe said, “We inherit a communal past from our families, cities, countries; it is never possible to make a completely ‘new beginning,’” (Gobodo-Madikizela and van der Merwe 4). Once something happens it is there forever, memorials are a way for us to…

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