A Strong Enthusiasm For The Field Of American History Essay

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By the age of ten, I had developed a robust enthusiasm for the field of American history. Visits to my grandparents apartment in our hometown of Hempstead, Long Island would often lead me across the the street to the public library. It was there where I developed my bibliophilic nature. This was how I sojourned — it was through the bookshelves of history that I learned about topics ranging from the great Hannibal of Carthage and his legendary achievements in the Second Punic War to memorizing Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address to diving deeply into King’s theory on nonviolence coupled with the SCLC’s strategy to win equal rights for our people. This was my escape from the cacophonous noise that was my world, from all the things I would see or feel and yet could not comprehend. This was my calm during the storm, my peace that was to be still.
By the time I had reached High School, much of that pre pubescent fervor had ebbed. I was now a teenager more concerned with two of the things most boys coming of age fancy themselves with: girls and sports, notwithstanding in retrospect, I was rather mediocre at pursuing. Now, Hempstead High School wasn’t the most golden of educational institutions; in fact I would constantly hear or read in the news as to how the State Education Department was just a blink away from stepping in for a “hostile” takeover of our district. However, this never caused any personal confusion, especially as when it pertained to where my loyalty stood. I mention this…

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