A Stroke Of Genius : The Man, The Myth, And The Legend Of William Shakespeare

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A Stroke of Genius:
The Man, the Myth, and the Legend of William Shakespeare

With a stroke of his pen he is able to affect people with his words. He can either make them laugh cry or jump out of their seats. His words can haunt them even after they are said, the darkness looms in the air and it haunts them in their dreams. As they think about the blood, the gore, the screams that still haunt their dreams. That’s the power of his plays and other works as well; do you know who I’m talking about? Yes or no? Well, it 's the bard himself! The man, the myth and the legend William Shakespeare, not a lot is known about him but what people do know, are the things that he has written but hopefully that will change. Although Shakespeare has many interesting readings, the one that stands out the most is Macbeth because it’s a horror story filled with tragedy, a story about an unbecoming of a hero and a strong, independent female, a story a of betrayal, the corruption and consequences of what happens when power goes to your head and finally justice. The reason behind Shakespeare writing Macbeth is because the king Henry James was interested in demonology. If the audience were to dive deeper into
Shakespeare’s text, they might see a different reason behind why the bard wrote Macbeth.

According to an article on the history of William Shakespeare he was officially born on
April 26, 1564 because that is when he was baptized, he was also educated at the local king
Edward the…

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