A Streetcar Named Desire By Tennessee Williams Essay

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The play, "A Streetcar Named Desire" by Tennessee Williams, takes place in New Orleans around the nineteen-forties at the home of Stella Kowalski and her husband, Stanley Kowalski. Stella and Stanly live a very simple life in New Orleans. They have a very codependent and unhealthy marriage. Blanche Dubois arrives at her sister Stella 's apartment and comes off as being slightly judgmental at first. Stanley takes an instant dislike to Blanche and feels threatened by her because she really wrecks their marriage and the relationship he has with his wife. We then discover that Blanche and Stella 's family estate has been ruined. Blanche is penniless and an alcoholic. During a poker game at the Kowalski 's ', Stanley goes into a rage at Blanche and beats Stella when she tries to defend her sister. Blanche 's disreputable history starts to creep up on her. Stanley taunts her with the rumors he had heard. Things are going well between Blanche and her boyfriend, Mitch, until Stanley shares the details of Blanche 's sordid past. Things come to a head when Stanley gives Blanche a one-way ticket for her birthday. To top it off, Mitch dumps her, and then Stanley takes advantage of Blanche while Stella is off at the hospital having his baby. The play ends with Blanche having completely lost her grip on reality and being sent to an asylum. This play was presented in nineteen-forty-seven. Around this time, it was quite common for playwrights to use symbolism as an approach to convey…

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