A Streetcar Named Desire By Tennessee William Essay

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The historical events that occurred throughout Tennessee William’s life are shown and incorporated in his play, A Streetcar Named Desire. Williams grew up with three relatives who were raised mostly by their mother. His father was a busy businessman who never had time for them. Gender roles and class struggles of the time helped William set up his characters personalities as well as personal experiences while growing up and living in New Orleans. His time era also helped influence how the characters were portrayed and based on how society saw it fit for people to act.
Tennessee William grew up in Mississippi with his two siblings, Rose and Walter Williams. William’s father, Cornelius, was a busy shoes sales man, who had a problem with alcohol. His father had anger issues and his marriage with Williams’s mother, Edwina, was slowly falling apart. Throughout Williams’s childhood he and his siblings were mostly raised by their mother because his father was always on the road. He attended college at the University of Missouri where he studied journalism. He was a shy and antisocial person, which helped him in writing a lot of his plays. Nothing inspired him to write more than after he had to work for his dad. His father’s alcoholism became so bad his mother had to leave him. After college Williams moved to New Orleans, where he was inspired to write a majority of his works. The big city life, helped him write, A Streetcar Named Desire. William grew up when the great depression…

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