A Stranger As A Sibling Essays

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A Stranger as a Sibling There I was, sitting in my father’s red truck. I was in Mexico for that summer, it was June. My father, who was sitting in the driver’s seat with his brown plaid shirt, was taking me to visit my sister. Trees flew by in the corner of my eyes, sometimes followed by the occasional cow or horse, as we drove off. I was going to stay with my sister for the day, who I only had seen twice in my whole life, and I was only fifteen at the time. An important fact about us, is that she was also 15, we were only about three months apart. She was basically a stranger to me. We didn’t know each other very well, because we had different mothers and my sister lived in Mexico and I lived in the United States. It would be the first time I ever spend more than an hour with my sister, whose name is Karen. I had always wondered what it would be like to have a sister who’s like a best friend. When I imagined how this trip to visit her would be like, I pictured us telling each other secrets and telling each other every little detail about ourselves. I just hoped it would go as good as I imagined. We finally got there at about eight in the morning. There I was, it was the third time seeing my sister, the second time I came to her house, and the first time I’d be spending the whole day with her. We walked into the gated area and were greeted by my sister, whose long hair was soaking wet from barely coming out of the shower, and her mom, who had probably just woke up since…

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