Essay on A Strange Way By Arranging The Words

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Hughes begins his poem in a strange way by arranging the words "deferred dream" and using "dream deferred" instead, which makes us realize that we are not in the world of logical principles, but rather a world of poetry that helps us find the truth and oneself. The arrangement of “dream deferred” doesn’t tell the reader information about something, but makes the reader ask questions about why he chose that title. Hughes made the reader pay closer attention due to the title because he did not follow the status quo of literature. Perhaps Hughes being an African American he tried to establish that he will not follow the rules that have placed against, but follow his own. By beginning the poem with a question, “What happens to a dream deferred?” Hughes tries to start a connection with the reader to make sure that they pay close attention to his message. Instead of just giving information or a telling a story Hughes gets the reader evolved in the whole time by trying to get in a personal level with them even though no physical contact was made. In a way Hughes broke the fourth wall by asking the audience a question. According to William Paul, the fourth wall is the idea that used in theatre, which creates an invisible wall between the audience and the actors, but this boundary is meant to be broken connecting them instead of separating. (Paul 233) And by Hughes acknowledging the reader he broke the boundary that separates the reader and the author creating a personal connection.…

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