Essay A Story Turning Of Reality

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A Story Turning to Reality I had a wonderful time growing up as a child. My father was a farmer, who normally leaved the house in the morning and returned home later in the day from the farm. He spent a lot of time in the farm during the farming season (raining season) while my mother stayed home to take care of the kids. On his free days or in the evening; my father, in many occasions used to give us (his children) a lot of narratives about life in the country before we were born. In many instances, he would tell us about wars that happened in the country in the past ; that kept me wondering about wars and little did I know that I was about to witness that first hand.
It was on one faithful afternoon, my dad was in the farm and I was at home as usual with my mom. The atmosphere looked quiet at the moment and I was not happy because I was bored, had nobody to play with and I was just lonely. I got up and decided to go outside and as soon as I stepped out, I saw people running with babies on their backs and their belongings held firmly on their hands. Furthermore, I started hearing gun shots and with fear, I quickly ran inside to ask my mom what was going on. At a tender age of 8, who had not witnessed anything like that, I was perplexed and overwhelmed with surprise and fear, and I could not describe what I saw. My mom was very shocked when she saw me running and wondered what was going on, she stood up fast held me to safety and went out to know what was going on. As soon…

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