Essay about A Story Of Motivation Through Friendship

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Gilgamesh: A Story of Motivation Through Friendship In the story “Gilgamesh”, multiple scribes describe a tale in Uruk of how an arrogant king changes after experiencing moments of great proportion through friendship. Gilgamesh, a young demigod king, is abusing his right of power throughout his kingdom and is displeasing not only the citizens, but the gods as well. To tame Gilgamesh, the gods create companion Enkidu as a form of checks and balances, as he is equal in body and mind. Gilgamesh becomes even more prideful through their adventures, until his reality falls apart once the gods kill Enkidu as punishment for disrespect. A heartbroken Gilgamesh sets out on a journey to learn the gods’ secrets and ultimately gain immortality after questioning his own morality. The story ends with him overlooking the city in a more appreciative light after failing in his quest. Careful evaluation of key events will prove Enkidu’s friendship is a prime motivator for Gilgamesh, and a catalyst for him transforming into a compassionate and level-headed ruler.
Gilgamesh exhibits a destructive behavior and unwavering pride in the beginning of the story. He shows this by raping brides on their wedding nights and believing he can do anything, solely from his strength. However, Gilgamesh’s fun runs out once the gods answer the prayers of Uruk’s citizens by sending Enkidu, who is just as equal as him. Stories of the other pique interest, and like two crushes falling in love, they must see one…

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