A Story From A Old Wedding Gown Essay

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After trying on a mysterious old wedding gown, a hopeful dressmaker is transported to 1935 Wales, and now she must find her way back home.
MAGICALLY WED/THE DRESSMAKER’S ASSISTANT offers a delightful fantasy. The concept is strong. The script presents as a fish out of water, coming of age story.
The idea of an insecure, but hopeful wedding dress designer from 2015 being transported back in time to 1935 to become a dressmaker’s assistant is a creative idea.
The story is driven by strong themes about finding one’s voice and believing in one’s self. It’s also about connecting and family values. In addition, there’s a faith-based tone to the storytelling.
A very likable young woman, Ava, drives the plot. She’s easy to like and root for. Through the course of her journey, she learns to grow up and transforms into a mature woman, who finds her own voice. Ava is driven by deep inner conflict and her need for a loving family.
The script has an identified three-act structure. The first act sets up Ava’s ordinary world. Her aunt belittles her and she doesn’t have the confidence to stand up for herself. She has a dream and goal of going to a fashion designer school and opening up her own shop, but her aunt doesn’t support this.
The goal is clear: to get her own shop and to get back home. The stakes are personal. The story sends a lovely message about how our dreams can come true if one believes.
There’s a clear inciting event when Ava tries the wedding dress on and…

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