Essay on A Story About A Picture Perfect Family

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Saint Maybe is a story about a picture-perfect family. The Bedloe family, from Baltimore, the focus of the story, is far from being perfect. The family consist of Mrs. Bee Bedloe, Mr. Doug Bedloe, Claudia, the oldest child, Danny the middle child and Ina the youngest. Danny marries Lucy, a divorcee with two children Agatha and Thomas. Lucy was pregnant before meeting Danny so Danny’s daughter Daphne is maybe someone else’s baby. Danny may know Daphne is not his daughter, but ignores the fact. Ian suspects Lucy cheats on his brother while Ian babysit the kids. Ian wants to have sex with his girlfriend Cicely before marriage. No family should pretend their life is perfect, one should live to confront the struggles since life goes on no matter if one succumbs or not to the struggles.
The Bedloe family pretends they have a perfect family so Claudia does not question Danny about Daphne, Danny does not question Lucy about Daphne. Until one day, Ian is angry and feels he is betraying his brother so he tells Danny that his daughter Daphne is not his and question how Lucy is able to wear expensive clothing. Ian regrets telling Danny, since after being told Danny drives off on his car, crashes his car into a wall and dies. I would probably like Ian tell my brother because I will not want to betray my brother. If Danny intentionally crashes his car, I wonder why Danny believes his brother and does not question Lucy. Besides, Danny could have been drunk from the party and his alcohol…

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