A Statement Supportive Of Freedom Essay

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When is it that a statement supportive of freedom becomes an implement used to enslave others? An example such as this occurs with the inclusion of the Elastic Clause in the United States Constitution. As a consequence of its imperfections, the clause contributed fuel for dissent amongst politicians throughout the years, and irritates the counterbalance between anarchy and oligarchy long supported by the United States. Additionally, it leads to conflict not as a direct repercussion of the constriction of civilians or government, but due to the encouragement of concocting laws designed to benefit the citizens of this nation. Despite the objective, the outcome equated to tragedy, as it incapacitates Americans in an undetectable way.

Despite the turmoil emerging from the establishment of it, the Elastic Clause originated with reasonable intentions. Amid the inception of the U.S. Constitution, the powers of the legislative branch of the government became circumstantiated. These powers included what became known as the Elastic Clause, which endowed the legislature the power to append more federal laws as desired, so long as the need for the law persisted. In theory, the logic is sound; if the legislature discovered an issue of contention that demanded immediate attention, such as a transgression previously unnoticed, they could establish a law preventing the perpetuation of these injustices. Unfortunately, the clause still spiraled into controversy, not necessarily about…

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