Essay A Statement Of Issue Of Physician Assisted Suicide

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Statement of Issue
Physician-assisted suicide is legalized in five U.S. states: California, Montana, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington. By state law, individuals with a terminal illness as well as six or less months to live have the choice to take. Physicians who prescribe medications to accelerate death in these states cannot be legally prosecuted. Participation by the physician is entirely voluntary, however, there are several emotional and psychological tolls that physicians may face after prescribing medication to a patient that can lead to the death of the patient. Doctors have explained being extremely negatively affected by the abruptness of death and having a sense of seclusion and helplessness as well as having to deal with some legal repercussions after prescribing these medications.
Reorganizing federal laws to legalize physician-assisted suicide requires certain reforms that provide protections for the physicians assisting patients end their suffering, state laws banning the practice of physician-assisted suicide to be lifted, and certain rights to be given to states to respectively alter any requirements needed for the implementation of these federal mandates.

Policy Options
• A federal mandate that prevents any state, organization, group of individuals, or individual from legally sentencing any medical practitioner that prescribed medicine to a competent patient suffering from a terminal illness with six months or less, as well as any other qualifications as…

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