Essay on A Statement Made Me Shudder With Fear

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His statement made me shudder with fear. It was the same fear that gripped my body at age 8 when I first glimpsed the Creature from the Black Lagoon. When the creature emerged from the inky, black pond on my family’s black and white RCA cabinet television and I imagined it crawling out of our neighbor’s dark-water irrigation pond, staggering into our backyard, scratching a hole in my bedroom wall with its barbed-wire claws and snatching me while I slept. Of course, I had an excuse; I had never seen a horror film before. Even Old Yeller terrified me when the lovable golden retriever was mercy-killed after his encounter with a rabid wolf. OK, so I frightened easily when I was young.
I had no excuse today. 60-year-old men are not supposed to succumb to fear, even when coming face-to-face for the first time with senescent zombies. These weren’t the flesh-eating ones that would, understandably, cause some alarm; I hate those kind. But the ones to which Bill referred were the geriatric-type zombies who slouched coma-like in their wheelchairs or haltingly stumbled in their walkers. They all had what Bill called “dead eyes” and they filled the hallways of The Court.
“They are all dead,” Bill intoned again, thinking I’d missed it the first time around.
My first introduction to The Court was a decidedly grim one. I approached the skilled nursing facility (nursing home) with its generic but happy frontage area decorated with flowering perennials that gave it the feel…

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