A State Political Regime At The International Level Essay examples

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A state political regime in which the executive power is not elected and stays permanently in the political power and in which this organ exercises absolute and centralized control over all aspect of life, and deny any form of political opposition is called a totalitarian regime. Ironically, the same regime at the international level is called a Great power or a Security Council permanent member. This member sits indeed on the council in a permanent manner and have a full control on all the decision making process. More than that, when it is confronted to a position that doesn’t suit its proper interests, it will simply deny it by resorting to its superpower: the veto. The 2015 Security Council (SC) report states that the veto power is constituted by a negative vote by one or more of the permanent members of the SC (P5) on a resolution proposal on non-procedural matter that has received at least nine of the fifteen members of the council. It means that each time a P5 vote against a proposal susceptible to receive the support of the other member, the proposal is denied. However, a tacit consent between the P5 members consider that an abstention or an absence of a P5 member is not a negative vote, and therefore the drafted resolution in question can be adopted if it manages to receive the required votes. Since the adoption of the UN charter, the P5 members have intensively resorted to this power, and this practice have created imbalances in international relations and…

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