A Standard : A Global Monetary Standard Essay

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A standard. A global monetary standard. Such the day, as capricious as it may sound, may not be so inconceivable after all. It might just very well be right around the corner. For those who service the media as a sort of “global creed,” it is with great disappointment to find it saturated with too many economic disparities and presumptuous assumptions. Adept theorists are blatantly candid in sharing the reason(s) they believe are the cause(s) of the current state of turmoil. And it goes without saying, they are anything but hesitant to bestow America’s foreseeable future as seen through their telescopic lens’. Despite the vanguard of “economic downfalls,” they and their devotees strongly believe reenactment of the Gold Standard will bring about, the talk is precocious at best. What seems ostensible, studies, literature, and analysis show to be congenial with the gains outweighing the costs, and thus, becoming beneficial and pragmatic. People are hurting and not just financially: emotionally as well. Filled with panic and fear, the government owes it to the people to find--and employ—a system that serves the best interest of all involved.

Would the US be better off if the whole world were on a Gold Standard?
It is without question that the Gold Standard is the better choice. Gold is more actual. It cannot be printed with just volition as paper currency can. More importantly, gold will never fear becoming monopoly money. To quote Ron Paul,…

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