Essay on A Stand for Womens Rights

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Nicole Ferguson
Professor Delli Santi
English 112
22 February 2015
“A Stand for Women’s Rights Around the Globe”
Women’s rights are no longer a major topic within the United States, but many countries still refuse to acknowledge the rights of women. On September 5, 1995, Hillary Clinton addressed the distinguished delegates and guests of the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women with a heartfelt speech requesting the silence of women in many countries to be heard. The words and tone of Clinton’s speech reached out to the audience to take a stand against the violation of women’s rights.
Hillary Clinton is known by many as a true women’s activist. The quest for women’s rights came long before Clinton’s political career.
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Clinton addresses her speech to the distinguished delegates and guests of the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women; additional attendance was available via broadcast. Clinton’s speech was primarily directed to the government officials and the activist groups that were able to attend the conference in Beijing. Clinton addressed specific rights violations occurring in undisclosed countries, which directed her words towards those specific countries delegates. Clinton took aim at Beijing officials by stating, “It is indefensible that many women in nongovernmental organizations who wished to participate in this conference have not been able to attend or have been prohibited from fully taking part” (Schmetzer). Chinese citizens were unable to view or hear the speech of the first lady, due to the conference being blacked out on radio and televisions (Tyler) Clinton’s speech was also omitted from the brief excerpts reported by the state-ran news agency, New China News Agency (Schmetzer). Clinton includes current human rights violations in her speech to ensure her audience understands the nationwide problem which continues to occur in many countries. She is hoping to use the audiences’ emotions to gain support on the battle to obtain rights for all women, nationwide. “It is a violation of human rights when babies are denied food, or drowned, or suffocated,

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