A Spin Off Of The Book Witches Four Essay

1220 Words Dec 8th, 2016 5 Pages
Description of Project: For our project we did a spin off of the book Witches Four by Marc Brown. We called our project Four Witches and followed about 50% of the actual story. We had a total of 38 sprites and 310 scripts. At the beginning of our project we spell out the title with our pencil and our initials by saying who 's it by. The first audio we added was welcoming the audience to the witches home. Then we introduced our characters by saying one witch, two witches and so on. Then we ask the audience what type of dance they would like to see the witches do. I added my own personal voice by saying home the witches love to dance. The witches then go to the bathroom and brush their teeth. Also, they conjure up batwing sandwiches, I used cloning for this portion. Then, the witches wash their faces with frog eyed soap and get ready to outside. They start to fly around on their broom sticks, then all of the sudden, they lose their hats. They search for them and find that the cats are using them as their houses. So they find a way to resolve their issue by playing a trivia game. We have a total of seven questions, on the sixth question we ask the audience who they want to win. Depending on who they chose, we have a different ending. If they chose the cats, they go home and we ask the audience again, would you rather have them both win? They either answer yes or no, so for our program we have a total of four endings and it all depends on what the audience has chosen.


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