A Speech That Influenced The Soviet Union Essay

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A Speech that Influenced the Soviet Union
In October 22, 1962, John F. Kennedy delivered a speech to declare the findings of nuclear missiles located in Cuba. President Kennedy gave an effective speech pointing out what responses he was going to take in order to eliminate the crisis in Cuba. John F. Kennedy responded to the citizens of Cuba, the Soviet Union, and the United States with the goal of encouraging Cuba to be a part of a "free world" , as opposed to a "communist world" ("The Cold"). The speech was established to encourage the Cubans to remove the idea of communism, in favor of capitalism, to go against The Soviet Union. His speech was directly about the findings of the missiles that Khrushchev and Castro have placed in Cuba and about what alternatives Kennedy was going to take in order to have peace.
After WWII, The Soviet Union and the United States were still having issues. The Soviet Union and Cuba teamed up in secret and established nuclear missiles in areas just off the east coast of the Unites States. The influence of communist government which came from The Soviet Union is what made the United States get involved. What influenced communism in Cuba was the government of The Soviet Union, making an unknown arrangement with Fidel Castro as a way to keep Cuba safe ("The Cold"). With Cuba and The Soviet Union working together to hide nuclear missiles to establish which country was more powerful, the United States did not want the idea of communism to be…

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