A Speech Pathologist By Lauren Lowry Essay

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Another solution, or rather, list of solutions, is given by Lauren Lowry, a speech pathologist. To begin, Lowry introduces the distinction between “person praise” and “process praise” (para. 15). Person praise “evaluates a child’s traits,” telling her “that she is good or smart or outstanding” (para. 16) while process praise “relates to a child’s effort and focuses on his or her behavior and actual ‘work’ or output” (para. 17). Given the research presented above, it is quite obvious which of the two is preferable. Process praise “motivates children to work hard, learn, explore, and have a healthy outlook on their abilities.” Additionally, sincere praise “conveys realistic expectations [and] can promote a child’s self-motivation” (Lowry para. 18). As with most things in life, outcomes are best when thinking about the future and doing so in a genuine way. Using these rules, Lowry gives eight suggestions but for practical purposes only a few will be given. First and most obviously, “describe your child’s behavior and effort, not his or her attributes” (para. 20). This allows for children to think independently and go through life constantly thinking about how to improve, rather than being content with who they are. Second, Lowry rightly recommends avoiding praise for uncomplicated tasks (para. 21). This will prevent the possibility of positive association with easy activities and encourage children to take on challenges. Lastly, praise must come from a place of truthfulness. If…

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