A Speech On The Subjective Experience Of Students Essay

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This theme is very easy perceived by students as well as the perception and understanding of the material are based on the subjective experience of students. In its activities, the teacher tried to apply different forms of organization of educational activity of students, including a workshop in the group. The purpose of this lesson is to teach how to write a letter/note where the main objective is to teach the reasoned statement and use this skill to write a note/letter in which the student will be able to express his own point of view. Teacher competently organized and introduced the new material, and explained in various ways. For example, she started a lesson by asking them a question if someone ever wrote a letter to someone. I think it is a great decision to observe students while they share their own experience. As of “ when students share their reactions, discoveries, and understanding with you and their classmates, they reveal what they are noticing about and taking from the text.” (p.137) Then she discussed letter-writing focusing on personal experience and showed the class a real model of a letter from her emails and discussed the difference between formal and informal types of letter and the etiquette how to write it. She read a book which is a great example of what is formal letter means. The teacher’s work observed common principles of how to write a letter or a message in the polite form and to show that the letter is a type of text and has its own…

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