Essay on A Speech On The Spring Breeze Blew

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The spring breeze blew every inch of our skin, accompanying with the sunshine warming everyone 's body. I still remember the day I found the creativity of myself in 5 years ago.

One soccer field with 20 people and 2 footballs was so crowded while still fascinating because of the comfortable weather in spring. Although we had 20people for only 1 soccer game, no one wanted to leave and give up the game since the beautiful weather. I could clearly feel the embarrassing atmosphere around us, disturbance and the desire of playing soccer games written down on everyone 's face, but no one said a word to break the awkward complexion. I thought I must come up with an idea to alleviate this situation otherwise all of us would miss the chance to enjoy a wonderful soccer game in such a comfortable day.

The first thing was to make sure that all of our 20 people can get into the game and its also the priority of the game at that time. Suddenly I noticed that the colors of these two balls were one red and one blue, so I immediately told everyone that we can played together and used both these two balls. In order to illustrate the rules more clearly, I separated our 20 people into 2 teams: A team and B team. The brand new rule is every team has 1 ball and the rule of scoring is to shot no matter which ball into the opposite team 's gate. For example, If A team shot it 's red ball into B team 's gate, A team got 1 point. However if A team stole B team 's blue ball and shot it into B…

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