A Speech On The Road Essay

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together I meet Wally at the top of his road we went to a common and sat and talked then later he left me at the bus stop Wally went off home while I waited for my bus, he came back just before my bus came, he was all flustered and in a state his wife had left a note saying, I can’t do this anymore I’m leaving, well he didn’t know where his children were, I told him that she would hurt the children we walked back to his house and he phoned all her friends and family but no one was saying anything there were no clues as to where she had gone, he then got a phone call from her saying she just needed to get away and that she had booked herself and the children into a hotel and didn’t know if or when she would be back Wally didn’t want me to go so I stayed that night then the next day I went back to my mother’s not knowing what Wally was going to do, all he would say I hope she doesn’t do anything stupid, he was in a right old state, I didn’t see him the next day but I was ready In the morning just in case he came to pick me up for work and sure enough he did, he told me that he had spoken to his wife and she was going to becoming home that afternoon, we worked the market and he couldn’t wait to get back home to see if she had returned, I told home to just drop me of at the top of his road again, he had to drop his brother off so when he drove off I walked down to the corner of his street to see if I could see if she had come back, as I approached the corner I noticed she…

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