Essay about A Speech On The National Honor Society

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Calvin Coolidge had once said, “No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been given for what he gave.” I believe that this quote truly defines one point the National Honor Society is trying to get across to young students. That is to serve others before yourself and to give help to others where help is needed. The National Honor Society nominee should show excellent leadership, serve the community and his or her school, and finally display exquisite character at all times. I believe that I am a mere walking image of all the criteria. I feel that leadership these days is hard to come by because people have stayed content with being followers. However, the community needs more followers to step up and become leaders. Our community is going to be relying on the next generation to come through and lead this community and keep making the community better and better. I know that I am fit for the leadership job. To be a leader you need leader like qualities and I have all of these qualities. First of all, a leader needs to be a positive person in general. A leader is the face of any community, organization, or committee and if he or she is not a positive person than he or she should not be a leader. A leader is someone who people look up to. Being a positive leader is a must have attribute. Secondly, a leader does not make excuses for oneself. If you happen to make a mistake a leader must own up to his or her mistake. A leader should do that because it is only…

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