A Speech On Social Work Essay

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A quote rendered by President Barack Obama said “now were in the midst of not just advocating for change, not just calling for change- were doing the grinding, sometimes frustrating work of delivering change inch by inch, day by day”. This quote is a representation of the empowering work that social workers perform everyday within the profession. Social work is not just a career but a genuine calling for those who take on the role. I am aware that Social Work is my calling and it is my plan to carry out this mission by earning my MSW, at the advanced standing level, here at North Carolina Central University. North Carolina Central University has developed a distinguished and reputable MSW program focused on developing students into professionals that work to empower communities and work effectively with diverse populations. My academic objectives are to earn a Master’s level degree in Social Work. Social work is a diverse field enabling its professionals to provide a variety of different services to individuals, children and families. Earning a Master’s degree in the field Social Work will provide me with the appropriate education to do more extensive work in the field. With a MSW, I will have the opportunity to have more extensive responsibilities and work in more diverse fields. Having a higher level degree, gives me the ability to perform more clinical and supervisory work. I want to obtain a MSW in order to do mental health work.
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