Essay on A Speech On One Cool Fall Morning By Mrs. Raeburn

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One cool fall afternoon, Mrs. Raeburn, a sixty year old lively woman, mother of three and wife of a successful architect, went for her late afternoon walk through the hiking trails behind her home.
As she walked, leafs crunched under her feet. The path was full of gold and brown leaves. This reminded her of the times when she used to bring her three children along with her on her daily walks. She could clearly remember how they ran ahead of her, rolled around in the huge leave piles and collected odd rocks.
Those thoughts turned into a cascade of wonderful memories from the past.
Mrs. Raeburn remembered the very first time she met her husband, so many years ago.

The year was 1987, she was still in high school. She had just started a part-time job as the assistant of a leasing manager. The afternoon was a rainy fall afternoon, nothing like the crisp cool one of her present.
Mrs. Raeburn came out of work very late that afternoon and was running to the subway station, not wanting to miss the train. But running with high heels on wet pavement wasn’t the brightest idea. She ran into the train, just as the doors were closing, but tripped on the slippery floor and went tumbling forwards, half way out of the train, while the doors were still closing.” Suddenly, she felt two hands grabbing her firmly and pulling her forwards. The doors closed, narrowly missing her feet. “Are you alright?” asked a young man.
But she was so scared that she didn’t listen to the question.
When she…

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