A Speech On New York Essay

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New York, NY. -- Just six blocks away from Trump Towers in midtown Manhattan, Texas Senator Ted Cruz made a campaign stop in a state he once criticized but now holds an importance to his political survival.
"I arrive in New York, and Mayor de Blasio promptly held a press conference to denounce me, so I must be doing something right," Cruz said at the Women 's National Republican Club. "If Mayor de Blasio ever holds a press conference and says, 'I agree with Ted, ' that will be the instant I hang it all up and realize I have gone terribly, terribly wrong."
In a speech peppered solely on reference to New York politics, Cruz blasted New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for being an enemy of the NYPD and for his "political correctness" of disbanding the NYPD Muslim Surveillance program, an intelligence division that covertly monitored Muslim neighborhoods and mosques to track terrorist groups after the September 11 attack. He also attacked his rival and fellow New Yorker, Donald Trump for donating to the most powerful New York Democrats over the years.
"Mayor de Blasio," Cruz said, drawing loud boos from the crowd of 300 attendees. "Truly, he is beloved."
"Mayor de Blasio is very unhappy with me because I said we should empower law enforcement," Cruz said. "The mayor’s response is essentially, ‘Who are these terrorists of which you speak? ' Look, it is that ostrich-head-in-your-sand political correctness that has made America so vulnerable.”
He continued on, "New York City,…

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