A Speech On King Lear Essay

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In this speech be King Lear, it is proved that justice is most certainly unjust. Lady Justice is blind folded to represent to fairness and equality the justice represents, but that is not the case in life. Those who can afford to cover their sins and buy their way out of trouble make their selves seem better than the rest of society; therefore, keep moving up in the social classes and following a path of never ending injustice. In current politics, politicians are the rich and famous that have used this gross injustice to get to the high level status they need to keep looking good to their audience and future voters. At first, an average man is given the privilege to be wealthy enough to “Plate [their] sin with gold”, but eventually that artificial covering will be rubbed off. Their true sin would then again be exposed, but by that time, the person had achieved so much more riches and status, that they can afford to recover those sins as many times as necessary each time with a thicker layer that the “strong lance of justice” cannot damage. Donald Trump has continuously had offensive and controversial discussions that mocked and degraded other cultures and beliefs, but they were overlooked because he shielded his comments with his “Robes and furr’d gowns [that] hide all”. He has recently started being viewed as someone who should not be president of the United States, but he has not come anywhere close to the justice he deserves for his comments. A man is instantaneously…

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