Essay on A Speech On English Language

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Introduction: I was laying down on my couch, it was a midsummer afternoon. I was going through some of my supervisor 's articles and conference speeches. As a senior educator of Malaysia, he pointed out very rightly, the importance of language learning in the advancement of knowledge in immense. Being a bi-lingual or multilingual is a blessing, as every language comes with its inherent knowledge which is important for the cognitive development of a learner. So learning a second language and becoming proficient in that language is a very common phenomenon in twenty first century. However, English is the most common second or foreign language that is used almost all over the world. And it is also same for my country, Bangladesh. I started my TESOL when I was in a dilemma that what I should study further in my undergrad. I was like nowhere. I was weak in math and science. English language was my only subject that I really was good at. However, I was not good in English either like millions of Bangladeshi. I know how those days were. But the turning point of my life was I practiced the language a lot after being graduated from school. I still have friends who cannot utter even a single word properly. So we know how our ordinary language learning experience was. In recent years the overall standard of our whole country went very low, more specifically the language proficiency in English. It is often said and almost granted by everyone that after twelve years of…

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