A Speech On College Players Or A High School Team Essay

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Timeout In July of 2000, a father was charged with beating another father dead over their sons’ hockey game. A month later, a Illinios teen hockey player accepted a plea bargain and plead guilty to a misdemeanor for giving a rival player an injury that paralyzed the teen. (James, par. 2) You think that’s bad? "You have the opportunity today to rip their freakin ' head off and let them bleed"..."If I cut 'em with a knife, they 're going to bleed red, just like you!" These are just a few words of encouragement from Charles Chavarria, a football coach in San Antonio, TX. (Nesbitt, par. 1) Now one may think to themselves, ‘What is so bad about that? He is just trying to motivate them.’ However, this is not a speech to college players or a high school team; it is not even to middle schoolers. This is just a sample of a speech to the Jr. Broncos, a texas pee-wee football team made of 8-9 year olds from the premiere of ‘Friday Night Tykes’, a controversial show about the Texas Youth Football Association, or TYFA during January of 2014. According to Chavarria, he’s trying to teach the kids a lesson about “never giving up when something gets hard”. (Kitchen, par. 7) It is things like these that expose just how aggressive youth sports programs are today. Not only do sports affect children physically, but there is an emotional impact as well. In addition, it has been proven that sports have an impact on youth behavior not only on the field or court, but at school…

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