A Speech On Being A Healthcare Administrator Essay

1497 Words May 26th, 2016 null Page
I already completed the first step in starting a new career, deciding the general path and getting started. Enrolling in a college, Check! Signing up for class, Check! And now what? It isn’t hard to know that finishing the degree is the next step, but then what? What will I do with that little piece of paper, besides hang it on my wall and forget to dust it? Thankfully, and hopefully, at the end of this I will have some idea. If not, I better start learning how to flip burgers.
Being a Healthcare Administrator can entail many different roles. It truly depends on what department I want to work with. I will be working with paperwork and procedures mostly. If I work in an office, I could possibly fill an office manager’s role. At an insurance company, I may work with patients claims. However, I could also end up being a glorified secretary. I’m not very good at making coffee, so this option would be a problem for me. Working with patients on a daily basis is always a possibility. Personally, I would choose the office manager side of it over patients. I’d much rather be a program manager or run a department. Solving problems is a huge portion of an administrator’s daily routine. This can include working with an insurance company or finding a more efficient way to do something within the department or office. While you do learn a lot about the profession in college and during courses, a lot of time you will have to think on your feet and use the experiences you’ve entailed…

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