Essay about A Speech On Being A Certified Electrician

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Good Morning, my fellow colleagues; I hope that everyone is doing well today. I am very pleased that all of you were able to attend this marvelous conference. I know many were very hesitant about attending, many might have believed this was going to be once again another boring conference. I would like you all to scratch those thoughts from your brains. Today, however, will not be another boring conference by a long shot because we all will engage in this conference together. I will not just stand here reciting information to you as if we are in undergraduate again. We will talk to each other instead of me talking to you. Now I would like you to answer these following questions, would you allow someone to do electronic work in your home who is not a certified electrician? No, you would not because you would not want your house to go up in flames because we all have worked too hard for everything we own. Would you allow someone to do plumbing work without being certified? No, everyone in here loves to bath, washing clothes, cook and etc. We all would most defiantly want them to be certified in everything, whether it relates to our home, car, health and etc. With these questions being opposed to each individual in here, I would like for you to think about this one. If you all were not already license BSW, MSW, DSW and etc. would you like to be in the presence of a social worker who could not help you because they are not aware of the psychosocial and psychosexual approaches…

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