A Specific Event That Had A Great Impact On My View Of Writing

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A specific event that had a great impact on my view of writing is when I first remember reading an autobiography about Tyler Perry. Within this autobiography it talks about Tyler’s life as a child, how he grew up, and his family back ground. It talks about how he got into being a writer, producer, and an author as you know Tyler Perry is one of the most successful writers and entertainers in the film industry. Tyler Perry was born into a wealthy background and he had to save money and work hard for all the things he wanted. he actually dropped out of high school when trying to find his way successfully into the industry but he eventually went back and got his GED. He himself liked to write about difficult events that eventually lead to a significant breakthrough in his life. He even wrote letters to himself that he eventually would use for one of his earlier shows.
Tyler Perry an African American writer, producer and actor plays a significant role in my literacy development because we both come from the same African American back ground where people aren’t usually looked at to be writers or authors. Being Black we go through so much as a group and we are put into different categories. There’s so much that happens in life that we as a whole need to write to express ourselves in different ways. Sometimes it can be even more difficult to get into the industry just based on your appearance or where you were raised. Tyler Perry is from New Orleans, Louisiana where he suffered…

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