A Sound Of Thunder By Ray Bradbury Essay

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Authors have many variations to highlight the themes in their stories. In the story “A Sound of Thunder” writer Ray Bradbury talks about a guy named Eckles who travels back in time to kill a dinosaur, but things don’t end up going as planned. He shows how the slightest things can change time if directions aren’t followed thoroughly. Bradbury connects everything tactically and supports the theme by using characters, settings and the sound of thunder.
The characters play a huge role in describing what the theme of a story is regarding to. In Bradbury’s “A Sound of Thunder” the way he introduces the characters give an idea of what the story was going to be about. One of the main characters in the story was the safari guide named Travis. His job was to take the hunters back in time to hunt for the dinosaur ,but he was also in charge of keeping the future safe. This made Travis a main figure in helping to describe the theme. Travis also made things clear before going on the trip that he doesn’t guarantee anyone will come back alive except to expect dinosaurs. He also made it clear if rules were breached there would be consequences. He reveals this as he states “If you disobey instructions, there’s a stiff penalty of another ten thousand dollars” (Bradbury 276). If any part of time is changed, then Travis would probably get his traveling license revoked. Another main character in describing the theme was Eckels. He was the hunter with the intention of going back in time to kill…

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