Essay on A Solution Here Is An Uneasy One

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A solution here is an uneasy one. Outright removing Fort Bragg from the equation is an idealistic idea, but would be met with great resistance by not just the military but those who rely on the post for their income. Slowly scaling back the military presence and having the military pour money in to the cultivation of a more diverse job base sounds overly democratic and perhaps a little naive. The best way to know what to do in the future may be to look at what was done the last time the United States demilitarized, though it’s debatable how much there is to learn from an economic situation a century ago.
Since the United States has not effectively demilitarized since World War One, the country has been steadily raising its military spending to the point where it easily eclipses that of other nations. The Pentagon does not solely use this massive budget for the waging of war, however,
This money lubricates American politics, filling campaign coffers … It provides lucrative “second careers” for returned U.S. Military officers hired by weapons manufacturers … It funds the activities of think tanks that relentlessly advocate for policies guaranteed to fend off challenges to established conventions. (Bacevich 228)
The accepted narrative is that the massive spending undertaken by the military industrial complex is to better the nation. Money gets poured into research and development, manufacturing jobs are created. Not only does military created technology like GPS work its way…

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