A Sociological Perspective On The World Around Us And Urban United States During My Graduate Studies

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Statement of Purpose The current political, environmental, and social circumstances of the world around us creates a climate in which we see severe environmental degradation, issues of immigration, and transnational relations that affect the much of the global population. By this, I am led to interests in sustainability and environmental anthropology, globalization, cultural ecology and disparities in relation to food. I see anthropology as a mode of thinking that has broad possibilities to catalyze and enact change through research and with applications in non-governmental organizations, advocacy and education. In looking toward my PhD, I intend to implement a sociocultural anthropological perspective to examine global processes, sustainable development, and food in relation to sustainability in Latin America and urban United States during my graduate studies. Consequently, my interests in these areas drew me to the research of Dr. Molly Doane, of the University of Illinois at Chicago, on political economy, social movements, and organic agriculture. My interest in these topics was cultivated through both academic and personal experiences. My desire to work in Latin America is born out of my love for the Spanish language and the diverse cultures of Latin America. Much of my education has involved studying and practicing Spanish. Time living and studying in Spain and immersion in the language, helped me develop a level of fluency that allows me to read, write, speak, and…

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