A Sociological Perspective On Medical Treatment Essay

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In times when natural disasters arise, the quality medical treatment can falter. Specific medical treatments may become unavailable when disaster strikes. The question posed is why does healthcare falter natural disasters and what are the consequences for different social groups? Countries examined are the Philippines, Bangladesh, England, Malaysia, Nepal, and the United States. There are many variables in what treatments are affected after a natural disaster, such as infant feedings, prenatal care, diabetes care, cancer care, and pain management. What is most important is what peoples are most affected by these limitations, some of the research proposed looks at demographic differences and how certain groups are more vulnerable, some groups examined are racial groups, older adults, and genders. This research is meant to explain from a sociological perspective on why there are differences in medical treatment after a natural disaster by country and social group.
The problem
Through research of this problem, it was discovered that medical treatment and records can become unavailable after a natural disaster. According to one journal, “hospitals and other health care infrastructures may be destroyed, wiping out their medical records, and both physicians and patients may be forced to flee” (Ullman, 2007). This can be detrimental to patients who are not physically healthy enough to be moved because they can be potentially left behind without medical treatment to…

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