A Society That Has Oppression Of Poc Essay

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Ifn a society that has oppression of PoC (people of color) deeply embedded in its history (and even today), whitewashing concocts a false illusion that race problems do not exist, that PoC do not face discrimination and that PoC do not need representing. “anything, as deceptive words or actions, used to cover up or gloss over faults, errors, or wrongdoings, or absolve a wrongdoer from blame” is the definition of Whitewashing by Dictionary.com. Since 1937 T.V. has been putting white actors into shows and kicking out people of color. This is mainly due to directors wanting to have big names in their shows. This discrimination ranges from only caucasians in TV to having minority character leads but are played by a black faced caucasian. Ever since 1937, the plot of a movie/show has revolved around a white person or a white person has been put in place to take the role of a character of color. A majority of shows have white main characters and very few people of color.
Some of the most popular shows have been centered around white people. With maybe some ethnic characters in the background to fill the room. As Vanessa Brinis-Norris states “Consider some of the most popular television shows in the past two decades. There’s Seinfeld (1989 – 1998) that centres around four white people living in New York, Friends (1994 – 2004) six white people living in New York, Will & Grace (1998 – 2006) four white people in New York.”…

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